Winners, Awards and Representation

The CIC winning team will receive the following award package: 

• Cash seed funding capital for $5,000 USD

• One trophy will be presented to the winning Team as the recipient of the CIC Award.
• A Certificate will be presented to each registered Team member of the winning teamas the recipient of the CIC Award.

• Other networking and leadership opportunities will be presented to the winning participants by rendering them eligible to showcase their business in future YABT and international events, follow-up mentoring, training, and promotional activities. 

• Priority to participate at YABT’s events and be nominated to other international expos, conferences, symposium. 

• Six-month follow up through YABT’s Nex Links Centers 


These Criteria, Rules, Terms, and Conditions are subject to change. The Final Version will be posted on the Competition’s website: and the currently posted version will apply. Please direct any comments, recommendations, or suggestions to

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