The CIC Finals: Judging and Evaluation Committees

 • International Judges from the Caribbean and other parts of the world will be part of the Judging and Evaluation Committees.

• All Finals Presentations will be conducted in private, closed door sessions to protect the team’s business models and intellectual property rights. The sessions will not be videotaped, transcribed, or audio recorded. Only YABT’s authorized photographers will be allowed into the rooms, these will be authorized to take pictures only for promotional purposes of the program. No videos are allowed. 

• Judges abide to confidentiality agreements and are not allowed to take pictures, notes or take any kind of recording device without previous explicit authorization from the competing team. 

• Only Finalists teams will be informed of logistics and other details for competing at the Finals. All information will be sent to the email provided as point of contact. Organizers are not responsible for contacting the team’s members by other means different to the email address provided at the moment of registration. 

• Specific times and dates will be assigned to Finalists to make their presentation to the Judging and Evaluation Committees and compete for the CIC Awards. 

• Only one to two team members, selected as Finalists, will make business and project presentations to Judges in English. Mentors and other team members will not be allowed in the evaluation rooms
• Each presentation will be followed by a Questions and Answers session.

• The CIC Finals, Expo and Awards Ceremony Events will be posted on the Competition platform; all events will be open to the public, except for the Evaluation and Judging Sessions. An Agenda will specify times and venues for private and public sessions. 

• Those persons designated by the Team to make their "pitch" to the Judges in the Finals should be able to present and answer questions in English.


These Criteria, Rules, Terms, and Conditions are subject to change. The Final Version will be posted on the Competition’s website: and the currently posted version will apply. Please direct any comments, recommendations, or suggestions to

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