"This is an essential and sound exercise program that bridges a network of financial and non financial supporters globally, for your entrepreneurial growth."

Renortha Penny - Grenada

"Our confidence in ourselves as budding entrepreneurs and in the success of our project has boosted highly through our participation in this program."

Annlyn Mc Phie - Grenada

"I would like to encourage you to use these resources to grow your entrepreneurial idea. Good luck in the competition and in your bright future!"

Earl Ledes - Suriname

"The experience gained from CIC will encourage you to excel far beyond the scope of entrepreneurship, but would also build great business relationships for the future"

Joseph Ince - San Vincent and the Granadines

About CIC

The Caribbean Innovation Challenge (CIC) is a regional competition and business start-up accelerator for young entrepreneurs in the CARICOM and OECS Member and Associate states. The CIC is a Programme organized by the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT), in collaboration with National and Regional Partners in the Americas. The CIC identifies and awards innovative ventures led by young people, which respond to the most urgent economic and social issues in their communities, the programme supports projects becoming sustainable businesses.

The CIC differentiates itself from other existing business model competitions by incorporating “before and after“ stages, focusing on training and mentoring as preparation for the competition, and providing follow up services that include access to finance, networking activities, internships and promotion opportunities, among others. Citizens between 18 and 34 years old (by 11:59 PM, May 31, 2015) of CARICOM and OECS Member States are eligible to participate. Participants can register under any of the following categories:

Social Innovation
Economic Innovation
Environmental Innovation

Winners of the Second Edition of the CIC, will later be linked to the Hemispheric and Global Innovation Competitions for Young Entrepreneurs that YABT and its partners organize.

* The CIC was originally launched as a component of the Youth-IN Programme of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Barbados and the OECS and implemented by the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT), following the ten-year hemispheric model of the Talent and Innovation Competition of the Americas – TIC Americas (www.ticamericas.net).